The Plan

Original PlanI am not walking.

It’s been more than two years, and since then a lot of things are different. But first, here’s the Original Plan from 2007:

As you might know from the video or from the blog, I did walk about one third of the initial way, from the first day (my 26th birthday) until the downfall about a year later. Then I stopped. I got a haircut and shaved off my beard, and I took a plane home.

I came up with a new plan: go back to university, get a degree, don’t think about walking for a while.

The place where I usually look at my books is here:

LMU show on larger map

Sometimes I just watch TV though.

The Longest Way 1.0 VideoI compiled my pictures into a short video and posted it online. Ever since then I have been getting many emails, all of them very kind, mostly asking a number of questions that I seem to have left unanswered:

“Why did you walk?” / “Why did you stop?”

Well, the only thing I can say is that I have been pondering over these questions too…

There are some answers that I tried to come up with. They are more of a practical nature though:

Advice Miscellaneous Advice Some of my thoughts about the practical nature of walking. Everything from shoes to GPS.

Maybe we can find some wisdom within the travel stories of other people? I have tried to introduce some of the books that I’ve been reading:

Some people tell me that they want to do similar things: ride a bike through Africa, walk through Asia, or hitchhike around the Americas. Whatever.

I am not sure what to tell them, but I know one piece of advice:

It doesn’t matter what dream you choose to follow, as long as you have one. Go follow your dream, and laugh while you’re doing it!


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