This is some practical advice that I tried to come up with. Of course it might not work for you, but it did for me:

about the dough 1) money: about the dough Obviously, traveling costs money. This blog post is about everything from hotel costs to visa fees. There’s a spreadsheet with my daily living expenses.
about red lines 2) routes: about red lines There are some things to take into consideration when you’re planning your route. I included a spreadsheet with my individual walking distances.
about made for walking 3) feet: about “made for walking” Shoes, socks, skin care, maybe even gaiters or orthopedic inlays – your feet are going to need lots of things if you are going to take extensive walks.
about being fabulous 4) wear: about being fabulous There is a vast variety of expensive stuff you can choose to wear on a long walking trip. Here’s a list of my selections (no brand names though, sorry).
about cabooses 5) transportation: about cabooses It can be a good idea to get yourself a trolley or a pushcart to help you haul around supplies through the desert. I called mine “caboose” – here’s how to build one.
about communigation 6) computer & gps: about communigation This blog has always been very important to me. Here’s some information about the technical devices that made it possible for me to keep it updated.
about photography equipment 7) photo: about heavy-ass cameras Oh, my beloved cameras and lenses: six kilos of dangling picture-taking fun! Their weight made my life so miserable sometimes…
about the video 8) the video: about the telly How I made the video: everything from taking the pictures to processing them and aligning them for the time-lapse.
about the video 9) bags & stuff: about beastie bags Backpack, daypack, packing cube, wash bag, sleeping bag, tent. All kinds of bags and why they might come in handy out there.


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