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Saturday, October 25th, 2008

day 352: 乌鲁木齐 (Ürümqi) = 11,9km

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My dear readers, my dear friends.

This is going to be the last one: 11,9km.

For now.

My friend 申叔叔 (Uncle Shenfire in the hole) is here, taking good care of me.

He guided me through the city to find a good place to stay.

All I had to do was keep walking, and slowly follow him through the voices and the street signs, the smells, the crowded avenues and the silent back streets in the late autumn light…

…it almost felt like that day when I had initially left Beijing (the first day).

Once I saw an elderly couple silently walk down the street…

…and I had to look away so 申叔叔 wouldn’t see me cry.

Soundtrack: Nino Rota – “The Godfather Waltz”

—total: 4646,1km


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