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Hey guys,

as you can see there is a sign that says “stopped” at the top. So that means I am not walking right now.

The Longest Way

If you have any questions, please refer to my new site or read The Plan.

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There are books that I wrote (in German and Chinese), you could read them:

If you are looking for something in particular on this site or you just want to scroll through the blog entries that made up The Longest Way, go through the Archives. If you are interested in some practical – or not so practical – advice about walking, go to the contact section on my new site.

Meanwhile, I returned to The Longest Way in 2010 and in 2012, here’s the video TLW 2.0:

If you are interested in reading about The Longest Way, here are the books in German, and here they are in in Chinese. I am working on an English edition. :)

Oh, and sometimes I blog about stuff:

BookSlap – I talk about travel books here.

How To Be Chinese – I make you Chinese here.

SlowerPulse – I tell you about tasty beverages here.


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